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Our mission: To help football media freelancers gain more work and build a successful career.At Freelance Football Opps, we source the best paid freelance opportunities in football and collate them for you into one weekly email, keeping you informed of the latest vacancies so that you never miss an opportunity or have to spend hours searching dozens of job sites again. Let us streamline the process for you and help you gain extra income.

Writing and Journalism

Whether you're an experienced columnist or an up-and-coming journalist, we will feature the best paid freelance football writing jobs that cover journalism, copywriting and content creation every week. The work opportunities can range from digital publications and platforms of all sizes to print magazines.

Graphic Design

If you're a creative freelance artist specialising in branding, graphic design or illustration in football and are looking for more work in the sport, we regularly search for and feature paid freelance jobs specific to this field. Imagery, typography, photography and unique design all play a huge role in the success of any football focused business in the modern world, and businesses need freelance creatives like you to captivate their audiences.

Videography and Audio

Are you a video editor, producer, podcaster or a commentator? We feature a vast range of freelance jobs specialising in both video and audio. As video content and podcasting have started to overtake traditional forms of media, football focused businesses are constantly looking for specialists in these areas to bring new ideas and expertise to the table.

Social Media

For social media managers, producers or content creators - we've got you covered too! Every week we search for the best paid roles in this space. Social media plays a huge role in football with clubs, organisations and brands of all sizes in need of experts to support their digital needs.

Inside Football media

Check out our Inside Football Media interview series where we've spoken to people who work or have worked in the football or sports media industry. From freelance journalists, reporters, designers to football presenters sharing their journey and career advice.


Download our list of 22 paying football websites that are regularly seeking freelance football contributors. The list consists of magazines, clubs and publications of all sizes ready to receive your pitches!


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